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Year 9 and Year 11 Parent / Teacher / Student interviews:  Wednesday 20th June

Ryde Secondary College has an extensive student wellbeing system, which ensures that the needs of each student are met in a caring and supportive environment. This includes a merit based award system, Year Advisers who provide pastoral care, Student Management System, leadership development programs, and an extensive extra curricular program.

Students actively participate in team and leadership programs including High Resolves, Peer Support, Gifted and Talented Program, Senior Mentor Scheme, Learning Support Program, and Community Scholarships.

College students are also encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities, which create opportunities to meet other students and develop constructive relationships and experiences. Such activities include the Duke of Edinburgh and volunteering programs, and the Student Representative Council. These programs develop interpersonal and leadership skills, key skills needed for those interested in being elected to the Prefect body, and reinforce our core values of Respect, Responsibility, Co-operation and Leadership.

Our student leadership and rewards program incorporates student Merit Awards leading to College Medals.

Specialist personnel include:

  • Head Teacher Wellbeing
  • College Counsellor
  • Year Advisers
  • Student Adviser Girls
  • Support Teacher Learning Assistance
  • English as a Second Language Teacher
  • Careers Adviser

Our Code of Conduct at Ryde Secondary College is based upon the values of Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation and Leadership.

Enquiries: Please contact Head Teacher Wellbeing - Phone: 9809 4894. Fax: 9808 2642.

Student Health Care Plan

Update 26/02/2018 - We're currently compiling this information and we'll have it up shortly.

National Asthma Council Australia

Update 26/02/2018 - We're currently compiling this information and we'll have it up shortly.

Bullying and Harassment Policy

All students and staff at Ryde Secondary College have the right to learn, teach and work in a supportive and caring environment that allows everyone the opportunity to reach their potential. This right also carries the responsibility that nothing done, felt or said interferes with the learning and teaching of others.

Bullying and harassment in all forms – physical, emotional and verbal – is totally unacceptable.

Ryde Secondary College has an extensive student welfare network that will investigate reports of bullying and provide immediate support for the victims of bullying and harassment. Our College will also provide counselling and support for the bully with the view to modifying the behaviour.

Bullying and harassment is repeated and deliberate physical and or emotional intimidation by a powerful individual or group.

Bullying occurs when a person is:

  • Called racist names
  • Called hurtful names
  • Threatened
  • Sent hurtful notes
  • Picked on
  • Teased unkindly
  • Singled out for unfair treatment
  • Continually and deliberately ignored
  • Excluded from the group
  • The subject of rumours
  • Ridiculed
  • The subject of negative gossip
  • Denied information
  • Has property hidden, damaged or destroyed

Bullying can be controlled by:

  • Not retaliating with physical or verbal bullying
  • Telling another person, a trusted older student, a Parent, a Teacher, a Year Adviser or College Counsellor

No one likes bullying; no one deserves bullying, no-one needs bullying – bullying must be reported!

Ryde Secondary College Bullying and Harrassment Policy (no resource)

Anaphylaxis Emergency Care and Adrenaline Autoinjector

Update 26/02/2018 - We're currently compiling this information and we'll have it up shortly.

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