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The full 2015 Calendar of Events can be found under School Community, Parent Resources

22  Trial HSC Music practical
      Yr 9 Subject selection due online
23  Trial HSC Music practical
24  Trial HSC Music practical
26  Soiree - Musical performance
      Term 2 ends


13  Staff Development Day - no students
14  Student Refurn - 8:30am
15  Yr 8 High Resolves workshop
      College Information Tour - 9:30am
16  Yr 8 High Resolves workshop
17  College Assembly

20  Sydney North Athletics Carnival
21  Sydney North Athletics Carnival
22  OC Placement Test - MPC
23  Yr 9 High Resolves workshop
24  Yr 10 HT Course Presentation (yr11 2016)

27  Trial HSC begins
       Yr 11 2016 Course Information evening
28  Trial HSC day 2
       ICAS English Comp Yrs 7-12
29  Trial HSC day 3
      Yr 10 Student subject selection Interviews
30  Trial HSC day 4
31  Trial HSC day 5




For all your 2015 requirements click on the links below:
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Order your Stationery kit items online from School-hub
2015 Stationery Lists for Years 7,8,9,10,11,12 all your 2015 requirements click on the links below:







Annual School Report  2014
School Planning Document

Student Welcome Booklet
Sports Payment Information 2015
Calendar of Events 2015
College Information Tour Dates 2015
Year 11 Preliminary Course Guide to 2015 booklet
2015 School Term & Public holidays NSW Govt. Schools



HOT Notes for Parents

Year 7 - 10 reports will be available on the Parent Portal Friday, 17 July 2015.
You will be able to download your reports

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Enrolment Information

Year 8-12 Selective Applications are now open
Selective High Schools Year 8 -12 Placement - For more information please click on:
Year 8 - 12 Selective information

Please note the College is currently full and is only accepting local enrolments into mainstream.  Selective and support student enrolments remain unchanged and the normal procedures still apply. 
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