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Ryde Secondary College has a geographic enrolment area defined by the Department of Education and Communities, and has a ceiling on the number of enrolments that can be accepted.

The enrolment ceiling is 180 students for each of Years 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Successful placement at Ryde Secondary College depends upon meeting a set of criteria determined by the College community.

Our students may be placed in:

  • a selective stream of 60 students (externally selected, may include out-of-area students)
  • a high performers’ mainstream class in each of the junior years (local students only)
  • three or more mainstream classes (local, out of area if places available)
  • a Special Education Support Unit at Ryde Secondary College (regional allocation).

2020 Gifted and Talented Entrance Application

Further information may be found at the NSW Department of Education.

Enrolment Policy PDF

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